Westward Expansion

Hello,my name is Karsyn and i’m a Pioneer.I have decided to migrate to the Western Frontier of the United States,in search of a better life. Now off I go on the Wagon Train, I will talk again soon. I’m so tired and hungry,but we can’t stop and take a break until captain say’s. Good new’s we are almost here we have about 5 days left,it has been a tough journey that’s for sure.Last night before we put our wagons in a circle we got attacked by Indians. We have already rode the Oregon Trail,it’s quite long if you ask me. Bad news,we just lost someone to a sickness! Well it’s about time I go to bed,talk soon! Good morning, we are at a ranch right now helping out with our cattle drive. I’m so sorry yesterday I was very busy but I’m back and we’re here finally! Currently we are buildingĀ  log cabin for my family. We are done it’s so amazing here and everyone is so much happier than they were. Oh my goodness,I forgot all about ya’ll i’m so sorry,it’s about 3 months later now. Just wondering is it possible for it to get any better,because it has! I think ya’ll know how my life is now,so good bye !

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