Day In The Life As A Colonial Homemaker

Hi diary, I just woke up now it’s time to do laundry before everyone else wakes up.  But, first to do laundry I need to go get water and haul it back to the house. Then I need to heat the water for laundry. Finally, I can wash the clothes,let them dry,and then fold them for the family. Now,it’s time to feed all the animals.  Then it’s time to wake up the children,make them breakfast, then I need to get them bathed,and dressed.  Since everyone has been taken care of  I can finally make myself food and I can have a couple minutes of me time while the kids are playing. Then, It will be time for me to help them with their reading skills. But,when i’m done with that , since Thanksgiving is near I need to start thinking about what i’m going to serve for my family,then i’ll be back to the daily chores. So,it’s now time to gather the kids again and serve them lunch,then we can go pick fruits to eat as a snack while my husband is away,and can’t catch us any food. We are back,we found lots of apples so I think it would be a fun activity to teach my two daughters how to make apple pie. We have finished making the pie,and the girls said they want to save the pie for when their father gets back home tomorrow. As if now, I have about 2 hours of non working time,so i’ll write again at about 5:00pm. My time is up,now i’m off to go make a dinner,today I feel pretty energized so I’m going to make a nice dinner. So,now we have eaten our Chicken,and our bread with a side of butter. It’s finally time for me to put the girls to sleep.While they’re asleep i’m going to make soap,first I need to go start a big fire,then i’m going to mix lye and animal fat. My arms are getting really tired because,I’ve been stirring for about 5 minutes,luckily this got thick pretty quick.Now, i’m pouring my mixture in a pan so it can harden,but be careful with lye it can burn your skin. I’ve had a pretty busy day so now i’m going to clean up. I’ve cleaned up and now i’m going to sleep goodnight.

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