One Spooky Midnight, five girls went to a haunted house. Makenna was really scared to go in because,earlier that night some man told us that a Vampire was possessing people,and they’re going missing.When we pushed her into the haunted house ,she screamed”ahhhhhhhhh!!”‘Then Mallory went to a room with Danica,they had a feeling someone or something was watching them,so they left. But,Mallory realized that she left her phone.She went to go get it by herself ,then she found herself in a coffin with a vampire in a secret room!   After a while,everyone got worried so they searched the haunted house,but they didn’t find her.  They remembered well maybe we can call her phone,so they did. They heard her phone in the secret room but they didn’t see  where Mallory was until she heard them,so she screamed for help. Shortly after the 5 friends were reunited and closer than ever.  The End    (Or Is It!!!!!)



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