My Day With 2 Famous Parents

“Ugh, I wish my parent could be famous so I can be popular,” I said before bed.  “Karsyn wake up! Me and your Mom have to meet with our director.” What am I dreaming? My parents aren’t movie actors. Did my dream come true? So I walk downstairs and I see Zac Efron and Zendaya! ” Are ya’ll my parents?” I say to them.  “Of course we are! Now hurry up and get dressed,” said Zendaya. OMG! I’m in New York City. I’m getting so much attention from fans. It’s kinda annoying. “Karsyn, me and your Mom have two meetings. Do you want to come?” “Um, yeah!” I replied. So we get there and there’s more paparazzi. I wish I had my normal parents. “Karsyn, wake up. You have school!.” I’m so confused. Am I back home? Well there’s only one way to find out. So I walk downstairs and it’s them! I gave them a huge hug. “I’m  so glad I’m back home,” I said.  “Well so am I .  Can you explain to me  what you mean though?” my Mom said. She was so confused. Wish me good luck guys!

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