9-11 Reflections

Photo Credit:/commons.wikimedia.org

I learned that over 300 first responders died because of the attack. Also,that there were 4 plane crashes.As well,that soldiers work inside the pentagon.Then,I remember that they might’ve hit the White House.I learned that they built 1 new tower. Don’t forget that the people that did that all died and were found.Also,that there were many people that tried to stop one crash.Then,that kids in New York go visit the place it happened.So,now what happened is that some people survived.Also,that the people were hijackers.Finally,the brave peoples’ graves are daily visited.

Life In 5th Grade

So to start of the year 5th grade is very calm except for Mr.McBride’s class,and fun,amazing,and the teachers are super nice.Also,Mrs.Ummel is amazing,and nice.Mrs.Brantley’s class has a lot of tests but it’s okay because, it’ fun.Oh,and you can’t forget Mrs.Owens and Mrs.McFall,they are so sweet and helpful.Then,i’m looking forward to having the best and last field day. Also,having a amazing last year of Elementry school! As well of doing fun games in P.E. before dodge ball in 6th grade.I am also looking forward to experiment .Don’t forget about being able to pick seats at lunch.I’m also looking forward to getting to do the awards ceremony at the very end of the year,so that’s what i think about 5th grade .